The management review developed by managerberater is an innovative approach that finally makes it possible to also shed some light on the business expertise of managers.
René Gawron - Chief Financial Officer, SQS AG

Business review – the better management audit.

Management audits have been recognised processes for personnel diagnostics for many years – both in the selection and also the development of management personnel. In contrast to standard management audits in which statements about the suitability of the candidates are often based on personality attributes, the content of the business review offered by managerberater is anchored in the actual management process. It is based on realistic management considerations and is designed to represent a slice of real life.

The result: a high success rate and a high level of acceptance for the process demonstrated by both participants and clients.

How does a business review work?

A business review generally lasts 4-6 hours. The process is usually carried out by two consultants with relevant expertise in the sector. For reasons of transparency, all candidates receive information in advance about the purpose and procedures that will be followed in the review, as well as about the information that needs to be prepared. The central focus of every business review is a presentation lasting around one hour. In the presentation, all relevant data and facts relating to the performance of their own areas of responsibility are prepared and explained by the candidate in a management-oriented way. Depending on the management level, perspectives on strategic orientation are also to be included. This is followed by a disputation about the presentation lasting several hours – which always maintains a professional focus and is conducted in accordance with the criteria laid down by the client. A comprehensive feedback discussion concludes every business review

In short: What characterises the business review approach:

  • Discreet individual process with the highest level of orientation towards the candidates
  • Focus on the business of the management personnel
  • Distinctive professional and strategic relevance
  • Focus on tasks from the immediate working environment
  • High level of efficiency and productive use of time in the implementation process


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