Thanks to its long-standing experience and expertise, managerberater designed and implemented a coherent change management concept for our company. We will also rely on this asset delivered by managerberater in the future.
Tobias Mayr - Leiter Human Resources, Landesbank Saar

Best Practices

Change Management regarding a process optimisation project

In the course of optimising the processes of a credit institute in the Saarland area, extensive changes of credit processing were due. These changes affected general processing, as well as the organisational set-up of the bank. Company-wide transformations were the result of the new credit processing system. Restructuring meant profound changes of general processes and new relations between credit processing on the one hand and market segments on the other hand. Our key ambition in the change management process was to prepare the employees and executives of the affected areas effectively regarding their new roles and team constellations.

We have chosen an approach, which has been proven to reach employees and managers in an effective manner and help them deliver change. For this we have implemented the following process-model:

After initialising change management activities in the project, interviews were conducted, coordination meetings took place and workshops with all key employees of the projects were held. Due to this, a profound picture of the current operations could be assessed and a detailed action-plan for future measures was created. The communication plan was reset and new dialogue-oriented instruments were introduced. An example for this was the establishment of a „Chat room“ on the intranet platform of the bank, which enabled employees to actively take part in the process, regardless of time and place.

One focus of the change management was to plan and conduct various team development workshops, where the new departments could set their foundation. The workshops aimed at motivating the employees towards contributing to change and to mobilise them into action.

The measures had an impact and were proven to be successful: an immediate follow-up survey of employees during the implementation phase showed that prevailing resistance and scepticism of employees towards the changes developed into an overall positive attitude. Managers and employees were offered coaching opportunities and interface workshops with credit processing and market segments in order to improve the collaboration. These arrangements served to create a broad spectrum of preliminary measures.

Finalising the change management journey, a final evaluation which approached the affected employees was rendered. This survey generated valuable insights for the management board and provided ideas for adjusting further measures within the phase of reflection and stabilisation that followed the change process.


Development Programme of executives certified by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK)

Eversince our customer, a traditional and family-driven retail business, was founded, their claim is to align business- and employee orientation. Reaching maximum customer satisfaction by finding the best possible solutions is what they aim for. They believe that this is only possible, when employees identify with their respective employer and the specific business products and services. For our customer this philosophy still remains true today.

An important step towards committing engaged employees to the company is to sustainably develop the potential of current, as well as future executives. The following figure illustrates the architecture of the Leadership Development Programme.

The starting point of the programme is a „competence assessment centre“, that lasts for two days. The goal of this assessment centre is to gain a broad and impartial insight of existing competencies of the talents. The feedback talk that follows includes planning and concretising the next steps for their further development. This either results in an individualised qualification plan, or in the participation of a 1,5 year long, firm-specific Leadership Development Programme. For this purpose a specific seminar package, that could realise the particular requirements of our customer was created in collaboration with IHK-Saarbrücken. By integrating their course into the Leadership Development Programme, the importance and recognition of this opportunity is enhanced.

The content of these components reach from developing social-communicative competencies, to expanding knowledge in topics of labor law and economic expertise, as well as introducing relevant instruments and methods on how to lead employees successfully. Independent literature work, as well as participating in workshops and web-based seminars have been found useful for developing these competencies.

To garantee a sustainable success during their journey, all participants are accompanied by a manager as well as by a coach. Moreover, they can engage in an internal mentoring-programme. The Leadership Development Programme is wrapped up through the successful completion of the final examination by the IHK.

Until today approximately 50 executives- and future executives have participated in the programme. The participants did not only benefit by developing personal, social and methodological skills, but also by exchanging with another and therefore establishing an internal network.


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